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If you are like most other people, you look forward to father’s day as the event dedicated to all the things dad does for you. Doing something special on father’s day is always worthwhile, but with so much going on every day, it is difficult to remember when it is celebrated. In fact, father’s day is right around the corner and there are a lot of things that need to be done to prepare. Here are a few tips for you to have a successful father’s day with you and your family.

Sending the Card

One of the most important things about father’s day is the card that you send. Most father’s do not want their children to bring them gifts, but instead just want to know that the kids think about them often enough to remember the holiday.

However, there are some creative ways that you can send a card to your father that will separate yours from the rest. Being a little unique is really helpful for those who want dad to feel special. One cool trick is to make photos into postcards that you can customize and send to your father as a nice gift. This uniqueness will make him feel special about his own kids while keeping money in your pocket.

Probably the most expensive part of sending a card to your father is the postage. You can go to the postal office if you are wondering where do you get stamps, but these are usually fairly priced.

Father’s Day Gifts

If you insist on getting father’s day gifts, you should try to get something meaningful that you know your father will like. The unique photos into postcards are one cheap way to bring something special into your father’s life, but some more expensive gifts are also available for you to indulge on as well.

Your father may have mentioned his favorite restaurant in passing at some point and you can take him out to lunch at the restaurant when you get the opportunity to do so. This will not only excite him and make him feel special, but also provide much needed sustenance throughout the day. This is exactly the type of gift that would be special for your father on the special day for him. More importantly, it is somewhat expensive, but not an item or thing that will be wasted or forgotten after a few months. Luckily, it is a practical gift that can be used immediately.

Father’s Day

The two holidays for parents, both mother’s day and father’s day, are celebrated a bit differently. Nonetheless, fathers need the love and care that everyone else needs on their special day. Giving them a unique and special gift will uplift their spirits and help them to feel loved for at least a day. After all, most fathers have done a lot to help their kids grow up and succeed. It is nice to spend a day celebrating them.

A lot has been said about father’s day and all the cool gifts that you can offer to your dad. Unique gifts that show a memory between your father and you is something that will be forever cherished. Always make sure that you are willing to put thought into your father’s day gift so that he knows how much you care. Paying for an expensive item is almost worthless because it has little meaning. It is much better to offer a gift of love and friendship with memories from the many years you spent together.

Creating a Postcard

It is silly to buy a Hallmark card from Wal-mart and expect your father to feel special on father’s day. In order to make him really feel like he is loved, you must make sure to offer a little more uniqueness than that. You can make a specialized postcard that has pictures and memories of you and your father. This will really show your father how much that you care while also proving that you put some hard thought into the gift itself.

There are many postcard templates on the internet that you can find by doing a quick search. There are some that are specifically designed for father’s day, while others have a more generic feel that can be customized and created specifically for your special day.

Many of the templates are filled with spots to add a loving message where you can add something that only you and your father will understand. Perhaps a unique joke that is special between you and him. Additionally, you can add Facebook pictures iPhone pictures, or whatever other type of photos that you would like to use to make the card special.

Best of all, creating a postcard is a pretty cheap gift for father’s day. All you have to do is mail post card and then sit back and let it go all the way to dad. It is that simple and in all honesty, things are a lot easier when they are easy!

Photo Booklet

If you have a bit more time to spend on a father’s day gift, you can offer a photo album booklet that has many pages of memories and photos from your past with your father. This will be a lifelong treasure that he will not soon forget. Make sure that you are arranging the photo booklet in a way that is specific for his album so that it is something special.

This may be more time consuming, but your father will definitely appreciate the extra time and commitment to him when you show the great photos that you took. He will be amazed at the time you spent on the booklets.

In order to make your father feel special on father’s day, find a unique gift that offers more than a simple gadget. Draw attention to your special relationship with your dad and all the great memories that you have of him.

Many fathers love gadgets and devices that you can pick up from any electronic store today. Even though they say they want all these technological gadgets and fun toys for home improvement projects, most of these things go to waste as soon as they are purchased. Therefore, most fathers actually want a gift from the heart on father’s day so that they can bond with their kids even better. This is something that most people forget completely, but it is important when choosing a gift. At some point your father just wants memories of you rather than anything else that money can buy.

Show Him the World

If you have left your home city or done other things away from the house then you should bring those memories and photos back to him. Show him pictures of the world that he has probably never seen before in his life and he will be excited that his own children were able to visit. There is always something special about being able to visit places around the world when your father cannot. He will definitely enjoy seeing that his kids have left the nest and explored the world.

You can show him pictures by creating a nice scrapbook or photo album dedicated to him. Pictures that show all him all the various places you have visited and explanations of the locations themselves will give your father a cool glimpse into what his flesh and blood has been doing.

Postcard Gifts

Another easy gift that your father will truly love is a unique postcard created by you specifically for him. Forget about buying a store-bought card for father’s day. Instead, offer something a lot more real. You can make a postcard that has pictures and other symbols of your love for your father. Also, decorate them according to the styles and colors that you know your father likes. Something specialized for him will give him a lot more gratification than a postcard template that is just normal and bland.

All you have to do is visit a post office and mail the card with a stamp on it. That is something that pretty much anyone can do for a low price. More importantly, it is something you can do for a low price, but also make your father very happy. After all, the most important gift for a parent is something that truly comes from the heart.

Gifts for Father’s Day

There are a number of gifts that you can provide for father’s day, but they do not all have the same meaning to him. If you really want him to feel good about himself on his special day, then you should get him something unique to your relationship. The best things to do are to create a photo album and show pictures of places around the world that you have visited. You can also create a nice postcard that he will cherish for many years to come.

Father’s day is very special for a lot of people because it is a time to give thanks for all the things that they do or have done. Considering that mothers and fathers are the most important influence on children, it is no wonder that offering a unique and heartfelt father’s day gift is the most important thing that someone can do. Spending a lot of money on fancy items just doesn’t say “I love you” like uniquely created gifts. However, sometimes it can be difficult to determine what kind of gift you want to give on the special day. Here are a few ideas that may help you next father’s day.

Creating an Online Postcard

One unique gift that your father will love is an online postcard that is specialized for his interests and your relationship with him. Find the best postcard website and then you can customize it for all the things that you know he likes. If he is a sports fan, make it unique that way. Otherwise, you can add some other cool things to it.

You can also turn a photo into a postcard if you want to remind him of some special memories that you had. This is a gift that he will treasure as the memory means more than the card itself. It is a unique experience that provides a unique gift. After you turn a photo into a postcard, you can mail a card to him if you do not live close.

This is just one fun item that you can make with the use of the internet. However, there are many other creative gifts that are unique for your father. Finding something extra special will be exceptionally enriching for your father’s day experience.

Building an Outdoor Project

A lot of fathers love to build projects outside. Sometimes it is a tree house and sometimes it may be a new fence. Whatever they would like to build, you can take the time on father’s day to build it with them. Not only will you help them achieve something that they have wanted to construct for a long time, but you can also spend some time with them and reminisce.

It may be hard work, but it will be worth it to see the smile on your father’s face. Next time father’s day rolls around you should listen especially closely to the projects that your father wants to complete outside.

Creating a Unique Gift

Whatever you decide to do, just make sure that the experience or the gift is somewhat unique and from the heart. Whether you turn a photo into a postcard and mail a card to him, or if you spend some quality time on a favorite hobby of his, you can make sure he has a great time. Every father’s day gift is special, but yours should evoke certain memories and feelings that only you and him share together. That is how a great father’s day gift feels! 


They sell paper flowers here.

And by paper flowers I don’t mean paper flowers per se, I mean flowers that are wrapped in paper. Every bunch of flowers sold in the heart of Dublin is wrapped in the Independent or The Times. There aren’t any pre-selected cellophane travesties. You can’t buy an arrangement at the Tesco or petrol station. No, if you want flowers, your best bet is to walk into the center of the city and stand in front of the women with their buckets.

Every morning around 6 am young women, old women, gypsies, beggars, flower wholesalers, and the occasional sensitive male will show up on one of the many main drags of Dublin and bring their buckets and buckets of flowers to the city. Everything you can imagine, muted yellows, insatiable reds, dramatic blues, and romantic whites fill these obtrusive painter’s buckets.

And there, on the corners, these women wait.

And eventually, someone, anyone, walks up to the grayed woman reading the tabloidy Times and inquires into the price of lilies today? Or asks how much the daisies cost if they were to buy the entire bucket? And whether they heckle or not, someone stands in front of these buckets in the middle of the street, in the middle of the day, in the middle of Dublin town, for everyone, tourist, senator, hopeless romantic to see and asks to buy flowers… for someone…

The women always smile; they arrange their customer’s selections with great care, and after they finish, they grab a page of the paper and wrap that selection in the front page, or the comics, or whatever else is handy. They finish it with a big white bow, and send them on their way.

And off they walk, flowers in one hand, briefcase, or knapsack in the other, to where ever it is they were headed in the first place.

I love that moment.

And I don’t love it because its photo-worthy or colourful, which as you can see, it’s both. You know why I love it?

I love it because someone, who I will never know, for one brief moment, loved someone else more than themselves. I guess even more than the moment they were in. That person, man, woman, mother, sister, father, friend, for that brief fleeting instance, stopped and asked “how much the lilies were”, or “how much the bucket of daisies would cost”.

And when I see someone carrying their briefcase in one hand, and paper flowers in the other, I am moved. And its that, that inspires me to write.

And the best part of it all is that, if you keep your eyes open, there are people with paper flowers everywhere… on street corners, busses, cars, crosswalks, pubs..everywhere. So much love. Even if the flowers are just for the person who is buying them.

Every paper flower makes me smile. It makes me proud of the people I spend my lifetime on this planet with.

And I guess if I were the recipient of such a token, it would be “ The Daily Times” that ended up in my scrapbook before the scent and remembrance of the dried flowers. And why? Because there is a moment of proof positive, that sometime on the 21st of July 2004, someone loved you very much. So much so that you clouded their thoughts until they had to stop and ask about irises and daisies.

Its Amazing, isn’t it?

And that is the story of today. The one that caught me off guard.

If I were to have one wish, its this. That you stop at some flower shop and that your thoughts are so clouded by someone else that you have to buy them flowers.

I hope you do.

And that’s my story.

This picture was taken on my morning run today.  You might wonder why I haven’t used one of my many other picturesque photos.  Surely, a picture from Antarctica, Yosemite, or the town of Hell Norway would be a more appropriate sight to celebrate this launch.  Why would I use a broken down sidewalk?  The path to anything good is filled with pits and traps.  As we start on this journey together, watch your step.  You never know where we are going to be next.